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Sustainability Policy

We take care to carry out all our activities in line with Sustainable Development Goals and aim to become a 'Carbon Neutral' company by reducing our carbon footprint.


Meeting human needs by protecting natural resources, the environment and living creatures is one of the basic principles of environmental sustainability.


The social dimension, in which actions are taken to transfer social values, culture, fundamental rights and freedoms to the future by developing day by day, aims to create a sustainable society.


Utilizing renewable energy sources in production stages forms the basis of a sustainable, independent economy that produces its own resources.


Climate Action

Climate Action, which the United Nations refers to as "the biggest challenge of the 21st century", is one of the most urgent issues that urgently needs to be addressed in order to make our world sustainable. Many things we do in our daily lives trigger this climate action. In fact, walking or cycling instead of using motor vehicles for short distance journeys, or even reducing the carbon footprint by cleaning up digital waste with the increase in digitalization can prevent climate change .

We produce 11 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year by sending only 10 e-mails a day.

This is equivalent to using 1196 plastic bags or driving 362 kilometers by car.


What Are Our Goals?

Target 1

To strive to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment and become a "carbon neutral" and then a "carbon neutral" company.

Target 2

Reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources and saving money by meeting all energy needs from renewable sources.

Target 3

Minimizing the generation of digital waste, conducting regular digital cleaning and protecting our nature by increasing greening efforts.

Social responsibility projects are a part of our culture at Webtures. We support projects that benefit people and protect our planet in line with our values and strive for a sustainable life to this extent. We prioritize the concept of sustainability first for life and our world and then for our business.


We Aim to be Carbon Neutral!

Our priority is to carry out all our activities in line with Sustainable Development Goals and to support the processes by following national and international practices in this context. We aim to be a 'Carbon Neutral' company on this scale and prevent the climate crisis by reducing our carbon footprint.


What Are Our Goals?

Webtures App

We use Webtures App to effectively manage internal e-mail traffic and reduce unnecessary e-mail usage.

Energy Consumption

In all the devices we use in our operations, we have preferred environmentally friendly, long-lasting products that provide high efficiency with low energy consumption.


By recycling our electronic waste, we reduced its negative impact and supported quality education.

As Webtures

Which Organizations Do We Work With?

As part of the "Donate Don't Throw Away!" Project, we donated our electronic waste to TEGV, supporting children to receive quality education and reducing the negative impact of electronic waste on the environment.


Let's Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save Our Planet with Digital Cleaning!



Clear your browsing history, turn off automatic synchronization, save energy by stopping continuous updates.


Reduce file sizes, transmit files via the cloud, store on your device.

Social Media

Block ads, turn off location services, use social media sparingly and run regular virus scans.


Lighten your emails, reduce your SMS subscriptions, delete apps you don't use and empty your trash.