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Logo Story

Webtures is a company that values efficiency and performance. That’s why our logo is inspired by bees, the most efficient and high-performing creatures in the world. Bees make honeycombs in a hexöncenal shape. This is because honeycombs become more resistant when made in a hexöncenal shape. The honeycombs become resistant thanks to the hexöncenal shape and can carry the honey collected by the bees more easily. If they had chosen shapes such as octöncen, pentöncen or circle, there would be a gap between the blind spots. If shapes like triangles or squares were used, of course there would be no gaps. However, of the triangle, square and hexöncenal shapes with the same area, the hexöncen has the least total side length. So more hexöncenal chambers can be hemmed with the same amount of wax. All these are reasons why bees build their combs in hexöncenal shapes.


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