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Webtures Internship Camp

Since the first camp, we've brought brilliant minds together with over 100 participants each time. We've developed a unique formula for free, high-quality and fun workshops aimed at helping people who want to start or develop their career in digital marketing.

What is an Internship Camp?

Webtures discovers talents who want to make a career in SEO with the camp it has created to grow the team in the most appropriate way for its structure that is open to learning, innovative and pushing the limits.

You may have the opportunity to show how well you can match the speed, analytical thinking, problem solving and strategy development characteristics that an SEO expert should have.


Internship Camp Process


You can make your application with the advertisement directed from the 'Apply' button.


All students accepted for camp training will be returned.


After your application is approved according to the basic requirements, complete a number of tasks that will be sent to you and continue the process.

Internship Camp Training

The process of participation in the training will be realised for those who pass the pre-selection.


Internship Camp Visuals

With the visuals, you can have information about how the one-day camp process will pass. You will learn, have fun, tell, push your limits, but you will gain a wonderful experience even in one day 🙂

Internship Camp

Comments of our Participants

  • 10.00 - 10.45


    The first thing we do in Webtures internship camp is to ensure that the participants meet both us and other participants. So you can feel more comfortable and you can ask questions that come to your mind more easily in the presentation we will start soon 🙂

  • 11.00 - 13.45

    Let's get to know Webtures a little more closely.

    What have we done in the past and what are we doing now? What are we planning for the future? Join our presentation where we will talk about all these and more and where you can find answers to your questions.

  • 14.00 - 16.00

    Now it's time to implement!

    We will work together to achieve the goal by implementing the prepared projects and at the end of the day we will evaluate the results together. The most successful project owner will be the new member of the team!

Are you ready?

Apply for the Internship Camp

Apply to Internship Camp
For the pre-selection, we want you to tell us why you want to be at Webtures, what you are dealing with and your goals. Of course, we would be very happy if you briefly tell us about yourself 🙂 If you are ready for a new excitement, step into the internship camp!