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From Past to Present

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HISTORY The Story of Webtures

Webtures’ journey began with a 30 m2 single-room office and 7,000 TL in capital.
SEO Book by the Expert
In March 2011, the SEO book by the expert started appearing in bookstores. It reached a sales figure of 58,000 copies.
Webtures Office 3
Webtures moved to its new office on the 14th floor of Vizyon Kartal Plaza.
Webtures Global
Webtures expanded to the global market by adding international projects. Especially in response to increasing international demand, a branch was opened in London, and R&D efforts were accelerated.
444 4 915
We started offering professional call center support with our new number.
Webtures Mobile
The Webtures Mobile project was launched. Gift products were distributed to those who followed the company on social media.
Webtures New Office
Webtures moved to its current 400 m2 office on the 32nd – 33rd floors of the adjacent block in Vizyon Kartal Plaza.
SEO Studio App
The SEO Studio application was launched to adapt innovative approaches in the SEO industry to mobile platforms.
Webtures Digital Informatics Inc.
The company underwent a change of type and became Webtures Digital Informatics Inc.
Webtures Mobile 2
The Webtures Mobile 2 tool was added due to increased off-site meetings.
Digital Angel Investment
We created a new angel investment model for all entrepreneurs.
On May 4, 2017, our company became an e-invoice taxpayer.
Saturdays Are Now Holidays
As part of a startup’s adaptation to corporate processes, Saturdays were declared as holidays.
Webtures Academy with Practical Training
To bridge the expert gap in the market, we launched the SEOtudy service to train experienced professionals through practical and project-based training.
Updated Print SEO Books
2 SEO books, with updated content and strategies, updated cover designs, and the world’s first animated cover, reached a print run of 64,000 copies.
Over the course of 7.5 years, Webtures has generated millions of TL with SEO work and strategic digital marketing campaigns for more than 4,000 websites.
Our working hours were updated from 8:30 to 9:00.
Webtures Internship Camp
We started offering job opportunities to successful young people through an internship program that included education, testing, practical exams, and competitions, alongside skills-focused internship programs.