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While the Google ADS advertising budget of Yargı Publishing House, one of the first publishing houses that comes to mind when it comes to exam preparation, was reduced by half as a result of the optimizations we made, there was no decrease in the revenue. We would like to underline that the advertising budget spent here is of a size that meets the market share in terms of numbers.

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Yargı Yayınevi ADS Process


  • When we took over the Google ADS account, the first thing we did was to configure campaign trees and ad groups to increase the quality score.
  • We created new ad copy to increase our click-through rate, and we regularly tracked its performance and discovered the copy with the highest conversions and conversion rates.
  • We reviewed the keyword lists and match types and made revisions and additions.
  • We did negative studies from the search term report and found new potential keywords and added them to our relevant campaigns.
  • Considering the breakdowns based on the number of conversions, conversion cost and conversion rate, we made special offers on campaign and keyword basis.
  • While we discovered the products / keywords that bring the most sales and have high profit margins and made special bids for them, we also revised the bids of products / keywords with high conversion costs and low conversion rates.
  • We created special breakdowns in areas such as device, time, demographics and location, and separated the ones with high and low conversion values from these breakdowns. And we created special campaign fictions and special offers for these breakdowns.
  • By preparing special banner sets for brands where we have a price advantage, we delivered them to the right target audience and supported the total sales of these brands while providing traffic at more affordable costs.
  • We revised our remarketing campaigns and customized their offers by dividing the users who visited our site into different segments with a focus on conversion.
  • We analyzed Google Analytics data in depth and evaluated all the data that would contribute to our ads and applied them to our campaigns.


With all these optimizations and other technical studies, we achieved the same turnover and number of transactions by spending 47% less budget at the end of 1 month of work.

  • It should not be forgotten that anyone can use the Google ADS panel and spend a budget. But the important thing here is to get the return on the budget you spend and maximize this return. The fact that you are satisfied with your ads now does not mean that you cannot get more efficiency with this budget or that you cannot achieve the same figures with less budget.
  • Although the Google ADS panel is seen from the outside as an area that almost anyone can set up and manage, it contains very fine details and requires sufficient experience. Otherwise, unfortunately, it is possible to obtain results far below the efficiency that can actually be obtained with the budget spent.