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NPİSTANBUL Beyin Hastanesi

Thanks to the SEO strategy, we started to be listed with priority in 33,000 words and increased our organic traffic by 480%.

NPİSTANBUL Beyin Hastanesi


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With the support of Webtures in terms of both content and software, we achieved our goals for our website. Our hospital has been serving in the field of health for 20 years. During this time, we had pages with dense content on our website. As a result of reviewing and organizing this content in accordance with SEO, our pages achieved the targeted success. I believe that they add value to our organization with their approach to problems, their solution suggestions even on issues they are not directly related to, and their harmonious working style.

Furkan Tahran

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital – Administrative Director

NPİSTANBUL Beyin Hastanesi SEO Process


  • We started working at NPİstanbul Brain Hospital when it was experiencing traffic loss. We started R&D studies both to investigate the causes of traffic loss and to measure the level of competence of the technical side. We determined a special road map focusing on the regulations we identified at the beginning and wanted to take action quickly.

    • To determine the impact of Google’s algorithm updates on our site.
    • To increase appointment rates by reaching the first page in sectoral searches.
    • Identifying the search groups experiencing a decline and providing page-specific recommendations.
    • To compensate for our traffic drop with keywords that can appear in Featured Snippets.
    • Increase brand exposure for repeat visits while increasing new users.
    • Improving visitors’ user experience in content planning.
    • Routinely analyzing trending search terms in the health field and meeting visitor needs


  • In order to recover the traffic loss in the fastest way possible, the ideal persona characteristics had to be determined correctly. We developed our strategies by taking into account the main points such as the errors detected and the processes that need to be developed in the content.

    • Comparisons were made between the month when the decline started and before and after.
    • In particular, unintentional duplication of content was identified.
    • Loss of ranking in targeted diseases and general searches was detected.
    • SEO friendly pages were created for the words we want to increase our traffic.
    • Problems in the category tree were identified and a new category tree was created.
    • By providing the necessary trainings to the content team, it was explained how SEO-compliant content should be created.
    • Transformation areas were reconstructed by evaluating them with UX/UI market know-how data.
    • The category-page hierarchy was specially evaluated according to the traffic authority, especially the pages that did not receive conversions.
    • Mobile-Table-Desktop welcome screens were reconstructed specifically for each page structure.
    • New Health Guide content was planned in line with the search patterns in the Health category.
    • Growth Marketing strategies were produced for the use of the NP symbol to increase brand awareness.
    • More detailed guide content On-Page SEO reporting was performed for target keywords.


  • We started to understand that the right strategies we had determined for the target audience and the needs of our site were working as traffic rates increased, click-through and impression rates were higher than the previous month. The duration of users’ stay on the page proved that the strategy we had made for content was also correct.

    • Searches with 4,500 brand content in 7 words in SERPs resulted in 106 words and 15,700 traffic.
    • The first page was reached in 92% of the targeted words.
    • Thanks to our Featured Snippets-specific recommendations, we started to appear in about 800 words.
    • Traffic Cost Recovery : 27.000 $
    • Number of Queries Impressed : 205.000


% 1.245

Increase in Appointments in the Last 1 Year

% 2.059

Increased Online Test Conversion in the Last 1 Year

% 1.088

Organic Traffic Growth