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itopya.com is a new retail chain in the IT sector; It is a brand that has adopted the principle of working focused on customer satisfaction with strong steps and experienced personnel that will make a difference in the sector with its strong e-commerce understanding.



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İtopya SEO ve UX Processes


  • Itopia wants to become a leading company in IT solutions and Gaming products in a short time. The goal is to increase organic visibility and become a trendy e-commerce platform that will satisfy users.

    • Planning the category tree according to the required strategies.
    • Be more visible in brand searches


  • Category URL structures were changed and the URL structure was made SEO friendly.
  • Product URL addresses were changed and special strategies were determined for the product groups to be targeted.
  • With the brand filter system, searches made by users were targeted.
  • Strategies were implemented to avoid creating duplicate content in areas with high importance such as categories and brands and where the most traffic can be provided.
  • Visual changes were made for all pages that did not have an image on the product detail pages or did not have the correct image.
  • Special strategies were developed for pages that affect mobile performance and experience absolute traffic loss.
  • By targeting searches specific to the target audience, visibility rates increased in all months from the beginning of the work.
  • Special strategies have been developed for sections that keep the page up-to-date, such as product reviews.


  • Traffic rates increased by 115%.
  • Over 100% increase in category and product visibility
  • The number of words on the first page increased by 60%.



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Organic Traffic Growth