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Ersa Saat

Ersa Saat undertakes the representation of world-famous watch brands in Turkey. It offers Casio, Pierre Cardin, Bulova, Bulova, Swiss Military, Timberland brands that it distributes to watch enthusiasts and aims to reach the end user with its E-Commerce site.

Ersa Saat


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Customer Comment

Since we started working with Webtures, our organic traffic has increased significantly. We have successfully achieved and continue to achieve the goals we set as a result of working with the experienced team that carries out SEO processes. We have achieved a very serious increase in organic searches in the watch industry. Thank you for the harmonious and regular work of the Webtures team.

Kutlu Karatay

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ersa Saat SEO Process


  • Since we could not be involved in the processes during the period when the infrastructure change took place, our analysis was carried out primarily on the side of examining the existing structure before this change and conducting and reporting examinations to quickly recover the pages / keywords that were successful in that period.

    • Identification of successful keywords before infrastructure change,
    • Identifying successful pages before the infrastructure change,
    • Checking whether the pages that were successful before the infrastructure change exist after the change,
    • Identifying pages that will be compatible for brand-specific keywords,
    • Revising and/or rebuilding existing pages.


  • In-depth market research was conducted within the scope of Targets and Analysis studies. Considering that the product volume is as large as the category volume of the sector, our processes were initiated

    • Improving the technical SEO competence at the maximum level in line with the possibilities of the infrastructure,
    • Integration of the identified pages with the new infrastructure,
    • Revision of the category tree in line with market volume,
    • Improvement of product detail pages,
    • Non-product content production and ensuring that potential customers meet Ersa Saat by reaching them through organic results.


We have regained the organic traffic lost in the 6 months of our partnership and closed the last two months of organic traffic at 243% of our first month’s traffic.




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