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We achieved 4.65 times growth in organic traffic in 3 months with Akşam Haber website, which is part of EsMedya group.

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As Ekva Group family, this interview came as a very good opportunity to express our happiness for being a partner company with Webtures family. The Webtures family, which has successfully made a name for itself in the sector, has really earned this popularity. We are a partner company that has actually experienced this popularity. We are very integrated and cooperative with all departments and professional working team. Our belief that our partnership with them will continue for many years is complete and clear. We would like to thank the Webtures family, especially the founder Kaan Gülten, for their extra performance and professional contributions. Webtures family adds strength to the strength of our brand. As Ekva Group family, we are happy to state that it is the most accurate and professional company to work with in the sector.

Tahir Otlu – Sema Kalaycı
Ekva Group Founding Members

Ekva Grup ADS Process


From the moment we received the authorization of Google Ads and Social Media accounts, we examined the accounts in detail. We quickly corrected the problems in Facebook Pixel and Analytics codes. We set up conversion tracking steps before starting advertising life. It is a very important point in determining where and how much performance the ads come from in the following process.



  • We created our strategies by examining the speed analysis of the website and the keyword volumes we will advertise.
  • There were serious problems with speed. We informed them about the elimination of these problems.
  • When we started advertising, all accounts were set up from scratch.
  • We reached our targeted point in the 2nd month in the advertising budget that we increased step by step. We continue to build on it every day.


With the teamwork we did in the process of improving advertising performances, we were able to move the ads from zero to the top with instant information sharing. The company’s officials communicated every information and transformation with us positively and negatively. Every piece of information helped us to fully fit our strategy in developing and improving the ads. Although we encountered momentary fluctuations as the process continued, thanks to conversion tracking, we were able to determine which word or platform we got more successful results from. By trying to reach the right audience in the most accurate way, we were able to get more conversions with the same budget.




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