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With Yıldız Mobilya, which we started working on in 2014, we have achieved a total organic traffic increase of 185% in 3 years.

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With the cooperation we started in 2014, we entrusted all the seo work of our website to the Webtures team. As CaddeYıldız, we would like to thank the qualified team of Webtures for the momentum you have gained upwards in terms of our site traffic day by day as a result of taking the necessary actions quickly by closely following Google optimizations, determining the criteria suitable for the sector and presenting the works accordingly.

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In our process of working with CaddeYıldız Furniture, we first focused on on-site SEO. We eliminated the errors affecting the overall SEO health on the site and carried out a keyword identification process. After reaching a decision on keywords, we created on-site landing pages. Since these landing pages we created are completely SEO Frendly, we made similar arrangements for other categories, subcategories and products throughout the site.
With the sector and competitor analyzes we have made, we have fully mastered both competitors and the sector, and then we have switched to off-site SEO works.
While the works in accordance with the algorithm updates valid in 2014 were carried out, we have continuously improved our work in accordance with the algorithm updates that we anticipate in the coming years.



  • The 3-year organic traffic change graph is as follows.
    As can be seen in the graph, CaddeYıldız Furniture is not affected much by the algorithm updates that many sites are affected, but its organic traffic has increased many times every year;

    • 2014 – 2015 52,691 to 63,195 20%
    • 2015 – 2016 63,195 to 82,383 by 30
    • 2016 – 2017 82% increase from 82,383 to 150,326.
    • Since its inception, a 185% increase in traffic has been achieved.