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Atabey Özel Ders Merkezi

Atabey Private Lesson has achieved a total of 139.24% organic traffic increase in the last 6 months as a result of SEO work with Webtures.

Atabey Özel Ders Merkezi


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As Atabey Educational Institutions, we are about to complete the 2nd year of our friendship with Webtures. We would like to thank Webtures for providing us with the right information and the most up-to-date work on the SEO side in this process. They have been with us with the necessary expert support in our algorithm updates and site revision processes. With their interest and answers to our questions, we have left these processes behind without experiencing too much ranking fluctuations. We would like to thank the Webtures team again for their sincere and professional approach.

Behlül Kavukçu

Digital Marketing Officer

Atabey Özel Ders Merkezi SEO Process


Atabey Private Lesson, a private tutoring center, wanted to be more visible, especially in district-based searches. The audience it addressed was students, teachers and parents. For the audience we will address in this direction;.

  • We have identified our persona.
  • We have identified traffic sources,
  • We have identified areas where competitors get traffic and where they are strong.
  • We have identified words that will provide short, medium and long-term traffic,


In order for us to approach competitors and provide useful information, we first examined the on-site SEO setup to provide a healthy basis. Afterwards;

  • We created on-site content for words where competitors are strong.
  • We designed pages suitable for searches by students, teachers and parents
  • We have developed a module for adding and deleting courses
  • We carried out a number of technical improvements.
  • In our working process with Atabey Private Lesson, we primarily focused on on-site SEO work.
  • Identified long tail words that will add value to the site, supported by the blog.


  • Organic traffic increased by 139.24% in the last 6 months.
  • Since the start of the study, organic word visibility has increased from 2036s to 7288s, an increase of 257.96%.
  • Brand awareness increased by 50%. While the search for the word “Atabey” was 12,976 last year, it increased to 25,630 this year. 97.52% brand increase was achieved.



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